Keynote Addresses

Workplace health human resources in North America

Where: Initial Conference of the Instituto de Investigacion en Salud Ocupacional, Guadalajara, Mexico

Date: October, 2011

Sponsors: Instituto de Investigacion en Salud Ocupacional

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MPL Presentation for Mexico- downloading could take few minutes

Burnout, Civility, and the CREW Intervention

Where: Winter Convention of the Alberta Medical Association, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Date: March 2010

Sponsors: Alberta Medical Association

CREW: How Collegiality Moves People From Burnout to Work Engagement

Where: Annual Convention of the Portuguese Medical Association, Lisbon, Portugal

Date: March, 2010

Sponsors: Portuguese Medical Association

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Main website for the Lisbon 2010 Simpósio Síndrome de Burnout
MPL Presentation for Portugal - downloading could take few minutes

CREW: A Canadian Perspective

Where: Management Retreat, Palo Alto, CA, USA

Date: February, 2010

Sponsor: Palo Alto Veterans Health Association

Civility, Respect, and Engagement at Work: Implications for Diversity Initiatives

Where: Chicago, IL, USA

Date: February, 2009

Sponsor: American Medical Association

Leadership, stress, and mental health: Helping leaders help employees cope

Where: Human Resource Summit, Montreal, QC, Canada

Date: February, 2009

Sponsor: Conference Board of Canada

Job Burnout: What is New; What is Missing?

Where: Occupational Burnout And Organizational Stress:
A Dialogue Between Management, Psychology And Medicine, Barcelona, Spain

Date: May,2008

Sponsor: ESADE Institute for Labor Studies

A Dual Process Model of Burnout and Work Engagement

Where: Eighth Congress of Stress: Work, Stress, & Health, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Date: May, 2008

Sponsor: International Stress Management Association


Predicting instigated incivility and its relationship to burnout: A longitudinal study

With: Laschinger, H. K. S.

Where: Annual Convention of the AOM, San Antonio, Texas

Date: August, 2011

Sponsor: Academy of Management

Consistency between civility and incivility as a predictor of change within health care workgroups

Where: Invited presentation at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

Date: August, 2011

Sponsor: Psychology Department, University of Connecticut

CREW: An effective method for improving workplace communities

Where: Invited Address to the San Antonio Rotary Club. San Antonio, TX

Date: August, 2011

Sponsor: San Antonio Rotary Club

CREW: An effective method for improving workplace communities

Where: Invited Address to a meeting of the Ontario Children’s Aid Society, St. Josephs, ON

Date: August, 2011

Sponsor: Ontario Children’s Aid Society

Social interactions and work engagement: Directions of influence
In W. S. Schaufeli (Chair) Work Engagement: Disentangling Cause and Effect

With: Laschinger, H. K. S.

Where: Conference of the EAWOP, Maastricht, Holland

Date: May, 2011

Sponsor: European Association for Work and Organizational Psychology

Getting better and staying better: Results of a follow-up analysis,
Targeting wellbeing, incivility, and violence at work: The efficacy of individual and workplace interventions

With: Laschinger, H. K. S., Day, A., & Gilin-Oore, D.

Where: Work Stress and Health Conference of the APA, Orlando FL.

Date: May, 2011

Sponsor: American Psychology Association

Sustaining Improvements in Collegiality: One-Year Follow-up of the CREW Intervention

With: Laschinger, H. K. S., Day, A., & Gilin-Oore, D.

Where: Symposium in the 26th Annual Annual Convention of SIOP, Chicago, IL.

Date: April, 2011

Sponsor: Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology

Partnership: Converging Values of Practice & Inquiry

Where: Knowledge Translation 2010:
Improving Health Care and Health Systems with Knowledge Translation. Halifax, NS.

Date: June, 2010

Sponsors: Canadian Institutes for Health Research

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KT-10 Conference of the Canadian Institutes for Health Research Website

CREW: Improving Worklife Through Collegiality

Aula III: Improving Worklife: International Perspectives on Workplace Health and Work Engagement (Chair: M. Leiter; Discussant: L. Tetrick) WHO iS mpl Marisa Salanova, Patricia Murray, Pascale le Blanc, Vincente González-Romá

Where: Biannual Conference of the European Association of Organizational Health Psychology, Rome, Italy

Date: March, 2010

Sponsors: European Association of Organizational Health Psychology

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9th Conference of the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology

Toward a healthier worklife: Learning about burnout and resilience of human service providers in post hurricane New Orleans

Where: 118th Annual Convention of the American Counseling Association, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Date: March 2010

Sponsors: American Counseling Association

Führen ohne Burnout - Wie man Burnout erfolgreich vermeidet, wird in einem Vortrag in der Aula gezeigt

Where: Aula der Universität Graz, Universitätsplatz 3, 8010 Graz

Date: Freitag, 4. Dezember 2009, 18 bis 20.30 Uhr

Sponsors: Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

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Conference Website
MPL Presentation for Graz - downloading could take few minutes

Work, Stress, And Health 2009: Global Concerns And Approaches

Where: 8th International Conference on Occupational Stress & Health, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Date: November 5-8, 2009

Sponsors: American Psychological Association
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Society for Occupational Health Psychology
University of Puerto Rico

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Conference Program
Longitudinal Burnout
MPL CREW Presentation for WSH

CREW: Enhancing Mental Health through Workplace Civility

Where: 4th Annual Canadian Congress for Research on Mental Health and Addiction in the Workplace, Toronto, ON, Canada

Date: October 28-30, 2009

Sponsors: Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Sun Life Financial

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MPL CREW Presentation for CAMH

CRC Community Clinic CREW Presentation

Where: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Date: March 4, 2009

Sponsor: Ottawa Coalition of Community Health and Resource Centres

1. Values And Work Engagement: The Importance Of Career Aspirations

2. Relationships With Work: Towards A Comprehensive Theory

3. Compassion Fatigue And Burnout: Similarities And Differences Among South African Health Care Providers

4. Early Signals Of Burnout Or Engagement

5. Burnout As A Relationship Problem: An Innovation Approach To Intervention

Where: Washington, DC, USA

Date: March 2008

Sponsors: National Institute of Occupational Stress
Health & American Psychological Association


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Canada’s answer to improving worklife!

Michael Leiter

Dr. Michael Leiter, co-author of Banishing Burnout and The Truth about Burnout, is set to release his newest book on Work Engagement. Dr. Leiter founded the Canadian Centre for Organizational Research & Development and has researched organizational behaviour for more than two decades. He knows how to improve an organization’s bottom line (productivity and profitability by improving its top line - people. In fact, he and his co-author coined the term "work engagement" as the antithesis to burnout!

Over the years, Dr. Leiter has worked closely with a host of researchers, including Dr. Christine Maslach, creator of the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), and most recently, with Dr. Arnold Bakker on work engagement. Now, through work with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) - the largest integrated health care system in the U.S. - Dr. Leiter has the CREW Solution.

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