The broad span of control of first-line hospital managers translates into influence. Their direct reports look to them for direction. They also look to their supervisors to explain their complex work environment. First line managers occupy a pivot point in any process of organizational change by inspiring confidence among members of their workgroups. Maintaining a strong level of collegiality is a foundation for managers’ influence.

As part of our latest project, we will be collecting information about and studying front-line managers; their relationships, challenges and successes.
Here we will collect and share a few of the best resources we have found.

  • Wally Bock is a great place to begin any investigation on leadership issues. Not only are his own pieces full of useful and accessible information, but he also maintains a treasure trove of links to additional resources and information he has discovered.
    Visit Wally Bock's Three Star Leadership Blog
  • Tanveer Naseer shows some real insight here into the way people in an authority role and those under their authority are affected by mistakes and their aftermath. At home, school, and work we require both the psychological safety and the skills to address the errors that will inevitably arise, lending us the resilience to move forward.
    Gain some insight from Tanveer Naseer

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