Home & Work Problems

Are your worklife issues related to your home life? Perhaps some of these conditions apply to you:

Stress & the Spouse

If you have a partner who is working in a job they dislike, or perhaps is not currently employed, listening to them complain about their work can be stressful to you.

Children & Stress

If you’re like most parents, you come home at the end of a long day and your children begin asking you “when’s dinner ready?” and “can you help me with my homework?” You may be exhausted, and this can stress you out even more.

Household Chores

Many working individuals with a steady job can find it difficult to make time for the laundry, the dishes, vacuuming… the list goes on. And these chores build up! Coming home to a mess can really amp up the stress meter.

Home Finances

Financial burdens are a constant stressor that doesn’t always stay at home. But, coming home to a pile of bills when you’re worried about your finances can increase the stress you may feel, especially if you have loans or a mortgage to pay.

The Extended Family

Knowing that when you get home, there will be four messages from your mother asking you to run errands for her, or a phone call from your sister crying about her recent divorce… uh, not exactly relaxing. Family issues can be very hard to deal with, and cause a great deal of stress.

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