Job burnout getting you down?

Burnout means feeling exhausted, distant, and discouraged.

While everyone has these feelings some of the time, burnout means having these feelings regularly. Feeling this way every week signals a real problem. Feeling this way every day raises serious alarms.

Avoiding burnout starts with taking care of energy. It means treating work as a marathon, not a sprint. While giving 110 per cent may sound inspiring and may be an attractive line to use in a job interview, it is not sustainable. To maintain an energetic worklife over the long term, people need a lifestyle at work and at home that lets them start each day rested, relaxed, and ready to act. They balance periods of intense effort with periods of enjoyable, effective recovery that could be peaceful rest, vigorous activity, or just having fun.

Once you have some energy at work, don’t waste it. Do work you believe in and believe in what you do. In everything you do, find a way to put your values into action. Even if you don’t yet have the perfect job, use your creativity and initiative to give a positive spin. Deeply caring about what you do not only keeps burnout at bay, it allows you to do better work. Doing well in today’s job opens new opportunities.

If you’re feeling energetic and doing valuable work, you’re much more likely to feel effective. It also helps to connect with people who are encouraging, who see your contribution, and don’t mind saying so.

Avoiding burnout is another of those serious life challenges that rest on a few simple principles. The catch is that simple principles do not translate into easy action. Maintaining your energy, involvement, and confidence requires diligent work with smart strategies

Are you ready to banish burnout? Steps you can take now:

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