The amount of work to be done in a given time. It captures the extent to which work demands spill into personal life, the social pressures, as well as the physical and intellectual burden of job demands. A manageable workload provides the opportunity to do what one enjoys, to pursue career objectives, and to develop professionally. A crisis in workload is not a matter of simply stretching to meet a new challenge, but of going beyond human limits.

Sample Item: I do not have time to do the work that must be done.

On the positive end of the scale, the work is challenging but manageable. The demands are sustainable over time, remaining within your range of exertion and compatible with your patterns of rest and relaxation.

On the negative end of the scale, there is too much to do in too little time. The work requires you to move out of your comfort range of skills without the supports necessary to assure you of enhancing you skills. The work regularly interferes with your personal life, interrupting the recovery cycles necessary to sustain an active involvement in a demanding profession.

Workload Problems

Workload Solutions

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