Poor working relationships have a devastating impact.

  • Executives lose 18% of their time resolving conflicts among employees.
  • Legal challenges arising from disrespect, discrimination, and wrongful dismissal arise largely from poor working relationships.
  • Talented people escape from bad teams.

CREW provides a new, effective solution to poor working relationships.

Civility, Respect and Engagement in the Workplace (CREW) is a program designed to improve workplace relationships within a work team.

  • Civility encompasses the fundamentals of courtesy, politeness, and consideration.
  • Respect leads to an environment of honesty and mutual trust.
  • Engagement is the commitment of staff to fully participate in the workplace.

The Veterans Healthcare Administration (VHA) National Center for Organization Development (NCOD)developed the Civility, Respect, and Engagement at Work (CREW) model as a way to enhance civility among its 250,000 employees. Four years of critical evaluation confirm the method’s impressive impact on both employees and the institution as a whole - employees are more engaged and the institution has seen significant reductions in sick leave, turnover, and complaints.

Led by Dr. Michael Leiter, the Canadian Centre for Organizational Research and Development (COR&D), adapted this approach to make it widely available. Dr. Leiter and his team launched the CREW initiative in 2008 in hospitals across Nova Scotia and Ontario. The implementation of the CREW Solution is now recognized as a major initiative in employee retention within the Canadian health care system.

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